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Unformatted text preview: onnel responsible for maintenance, housekeeping and controlling fuel hazard sources: Name Responsibilities & FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Updating This plan must be updated when any building conditions or responsible personnel change. Updated plan must be submitted to GRFD for approval. Training Employees must receive training on all elements of this plan upon its initiation. Thereafter, new employees must receive training when first hired. Additional training is necessary only when an employee’s required actions under the plan change, or when there are changes to the plan. & FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Fire Prevention Plan Adding the following elements to your Fire Safety Plan will result in a Fire Prevention Plan which addresses specific fire prevention personnel, activities, and responsibilities in your facility FIRE PREVENTION PLAN (BUILDING/BUSINESS NAME & ADDRESS) Policy Statement: - Fire prevention starts with identifying fire hazards. All members of the community – employers, employees, contractors, customers, students and visitors – have a personal obligation to be aware of fire hazards and to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire in our building. Fire Prevention Plan Coordinator: The ___________________________________________ (Building/Business Name & Address) Fire Prevention Plan Coordinator is ______________________________ (name and/or job title). This person should be contacted with any questions about this Fire Prevention Plan. Names and Job Titles of key personnel: Name Name Title Title Address Address Email Email Phone Phone Housekeeping The accumulation of flammable and combustible materials including cardboard boxes, magazine/journals and paper products, flammable liquids and any other materials that will contribute the ignition or spread of a fire must be controlled. This department’s housekeeping policy includes: The Fire Prevention Plan will be located ____________________________________________ &$ FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY P...
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