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To ensure continued illumination for at least 90

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Unformatted text preview: Inspection Checklist for Existing Buildings The following checklist represents common fire inspection components. provisions of the Fire Code. It does not encompass all This checklist is provided to allow building owners/representatives to correct deficiencies in their facilities prior to a Fire Department inspection. Please contact the Grand Rapids Fire Prevention Bureau at (616) 456-3900 for assistance. Exterior of Building The address shall be sized and located so that it is readily visible from the street (4-inch high minimum). The numbers must be in contrasting color to the building color. Exits from the building must be clear to an open area, not blocked by parking or vegetation. Grounds must be clear of debris. Gas meter must be protected (with bumpers) if in an area where it could be damaged. Is there a Knox-Box (fire department key box) on the building? If so, are the correct keys inside? Occupant Load All assembly occupancies must have their maximum occupant capacity reviewed by Fire Prevention Bureau personnel. Whenever the arrangement of the space(s) changes, the capacity must be reviewed again. Capacity signs must be displayed at the main entrance to each space. If the facility no longer has a sign or needs a replacement, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 456-3900. & FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Exit Doors / Door Hardware In places of Public Assembly, with a capacity of 100 persons or more, the doors shall have approved panic hardware on all designated exit doors. Other locking devices are not allowed. In places of Public Assembly, with a capacity of 50 - 99 persons, offices, factories, stores and storage buildings, there must be at least two approved exits and the doors must swing in the direction of egress. These doors shall have hardware that only one motion would be required to unlatch and open the door. Some examples of this are: panic hardware, lever handles, push pads, etc., (one motion and go). (EXCEPTION: The main entry door (which includes the main door to a te...
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