Your emergency action plan should be comprehensive

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Unformatted text preview: orderly shutdown of hazardous processes. If so, such a requirement should be written into the employee’s job description. (Sample signage to be displayed in public areas of buildings, such as near the entrance doors) - 5 - *C6 * C6 - 3G35? ! ' G 3K " ? 6 ( " ) B*-G6-C4 CGM ) " 7 "( " 3GG 3GG 6 4 3 -5 -5 # <== " " G- 6 1 ! " ! ) ) ! 35 ? C S <== 2 !" ) " <== ! ) Note that Emergency Evacuation Plans, Fire Safety Plans, Emergency Evacuation Floor Plans and Fire Prevention Plans must be approved by GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau personnel annually or when modified. $= FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Building and Emergency Coordinators Appointing Building and Emergency Coordinators will ease the job of putting together plans and policies for your building. The listing of the responsibilities below show that this person is the center for all planning and procedure development, and for the dissemination of the plan. Every building or facility must have a Building Coordinator and an Emergency Coordinator. In smaller facilities, one person may fulfill both roles. Building Coordinator responsibilities include: • • • • • • Routine and special communications to building occupants regarding building services, training, and fire safety issues Maintenance of fire safety systems, coordination of required fire safety system inspections and tests, and maintenance of records of fire safety system inspections Appointing facility Emergency Coordinator(s) and alternate Building Coordinator(s) to serve in their absence Serve as point of contact with Fire Prevention Bureau Inspectors for building issues, including when building services or arrangements are modified Ensure that up-to-date keys are inside the KnoxBox (fire department key box) if there is one, or that appropriate keys are available for emergency personnel responding to the facility. (If you would like information regarding a KnoxBox, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 616-456-3900) Coordination of scheduled or emergency impairments of fire protection s...
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