Fire evacuation plan plan focusing primarily on

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Unformatted text preview: es. • Temporary heating devices shall be listed and shall be operated in accordance with their listing. Precautions for LP-gas heaters and LP cylinders: • Heaters for temporary heating shall be located at least 6 feet from any cylinder (except for integral heater-cylinder units) Blower-type and radiant-type units shall not be directed at any cylinder within 20 feet • Clearance to combustibles from temporary heating devices shall be maintained in accordance with the labeled equipment • Frequent checks shall be conducted to ensure proper clearance from combustibles General Precautions Against Fire • Smoking shall be prohibited except in approved areas. “No Smoking” signs shall be posted on every floor. Where smoking is permitted, approved ashtrays shall be provided. • Materials susceptible to spontaneous ignition, such as oily rags, shall be stored in a listed disposal container or removed from the building and properly disposed of • Cutting, welding, grinding and other such heat-producing operations shall be done in accordance with the Grand Rapids Fire Department Hot Works Policy guidelines Waste disposal: • Combustible debris shall not be accumulated within buildings • Combustible debris, rubbish and waste material shall be removed from buildings at the end of each shift of work Flammable and Combustible Liquids • Flammable and combustible liquids at construction sites shall be stored in metal containers in accordance with DOT regulations, or in other approved containers • Ventilation shall be provided for operations involving the application of materials containing flammable solvents • Flammable and combustible liquid storage areas shall be maintained clear of combustible materials • Sources of ignition and smoking are prohibited in flammable and combustible liquid storage areas. Appropriate ‘No Smoking’ signs shall be posted. == FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM Owner’s Responsibility for Fire Protection The owner shall designate a person to be the Fire Prevention P...
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