Impairment coordinator the person responsible for the

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Unformatted text preview: rogram Superintendent who shall be responsible for the fire prevention program and ensure that it is carried out through completion of the project. The Fire Prevention Program Superintendent will be responsible for the following: • Developing and maintaining an approved prefire plan in cooperation with the Grand Rapids Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau. The Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified of changes affecting the use of information contained in such prefire plans. • Training of personnel using fire protection equipment • Determining that all fire protection equipment is maintained and serviced in accordance with the Fire Code and manufacturer’s recommendations • Supervising the permit system for hot work operations • Coverings placed on or over fire protection devices to protect them from damage during construction processes shall be immediately removed upon completion of the construction processes in the room or area in which the devices are installed and at the end of each day Access for Fire Fighting • Approved vehicle access for fire fighting shall be provided to all construction or demolition sites • Vehicle access shall be provided to within 100 feet of temporary or permanent fire department connections • Vehicle access shall be provided by either temporary or permanent roads, capable of supporting vehicle loading (min. 76,000 pounds) in all weather conditions • Key boxes (KnoxBox) may be required Means of Egress • Where a building has been constructed to a height greater than 50 feet, or four stories (and in buildings greater than 50 feet or four stories high undergoing alterations), at least one (1) temporary lighted stairway shall be provided unless one or more of the permanent stairways are erected as the construction progresses • Required means of egress shall be maintained during construction, demolition, remodeling, alterations or additions to any building • Temporary floor signs shall be provided in any stairway connecting 3 or more floors, indicating the floor number, roof access, an...
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