Pyrotechnic special effect typically refers to the

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Unformatted text preview: d direction to exits Water Supply for Fire Protection • An approved water supply for fire protection, either temporary or permanent, shall be made available as soon as combustible material arrives on the site Buildings four (4) or more stories in height shall be provided with at least one (1) standpipe for use during construction. The requirements are: • The standpipe shall be installed when the progress of construction is more than 40 feet above the lowest level of fire department access • The standpipe shall be provided with fire department hose connections (2 ½ NPT outlets) at accessible locations adjacent to usable stairs = FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY PROGRAM • The standpipe shall be extended as construction progresses to within one floor of the highest point of construction having secured decking or flooring • The standpipe shall be either temporary or permanent, with or without a water supply, provided that its capacity, outlets and materials conform to the standard for fire protection standpipes When automatic sprinkler protection is be...
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