Refuge manual fire alarm boxes and fire alarm control

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Unformatted text preview: er evacuation is Often, areas of refuge are designed into enclosed stairways or other areas. Other areas of refuge include fire rated corridors or vestibules adjacent to exit stairs, and pressurized elevator lobbies. Taking a position in a rated corridor next to the stair is a good alternative to a small stair landing crowded with the other building occupants who are using the stairway for their own evacuation. The Building Coordinator should be consulted as to the possible location of areas of refuge in each building, and the Fire Prevention Bureau at (616) 456-3900 can also assist in identifying areas of refuge. Disability Guidelines Prior planning and practicing of emergency evacuation routes are important in assuring a safe evacuation. • Mobility Impaired—Wheelchair: Persons using wheelchairs should move to a predetermined area of refuge with their evacuation assistant when the alarm sounds. The evacuation assistant should then proceed to the evacuation assembly point outside the building and tell the responding emergency officials the location of the person with a disability. If the person with a disability is alone, they should telephone emergency services at 911 with their present location and the area of refuge they are headed to, or use the communication equipment installed for that purpose in most newer buildings. If the stair landing is chosen as the area of refuge, please note that many buildings have relatively small stair landings, and wheelchair users are advised to wait until the heavy traffic has passed before entering the stairway, if it is safe to do so. Stairway evacuation of wheelchair users should be conducted by trained professionals (i.e. the fire department or other trained emergency responders). Only in situations of extreme danger should untrained people attempt to evacuate wheelchair users. Moving a wheelchair down stairs is never safe. • Mobility Impaired—Non-Wheelchair: Persons with mobility impairments who are able to walk independently may be able to negotiate stairs in an emergency with minor assistance. If danger i...
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