Give the exact values of c csc 240 d sin 315 a sin

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Unformatted text preview: on values of θ if cos and θ in 4 Quadrant II. Give the exact values of: C. csc 240 D. sin 315 A. sin 495 B. tan 315 A. Find the remaining 5 trigonometric functions values of θ if sec E. tan180 I. cot 180 G. sin 90 J. cos 45 F. sec 30 H. cot 270 10. Find all values of θ, if θ is in the interval [0 ,360 ) and sin 3 . 2 11. Find sin A, cos A and tan A for the figure below: 52 cm 25 cm 13 cm Jan-13 A AS4402.doc MAT 111 – Unit 1 Review Page 2 Part A: NO CALCULATOR (Cont) 12. Decide whether a value is in the range of the trigonometric function. A. sin 9.08 B. csc 0.678 C. cos 0.431 . Part B: Calculator Part 13. Use a calculator to find sec 42.6745 . Round your answer to four decimal places. Find the value of s in the interval [0 ,90 ] such that tan 1.93255 . Round your answer to four decimal places. 15. Convert to degrees, minutes, seconds: 14. A. 24.55 B. 132.567 16. Convert to decimal degrees: A. 2639 ' 46" B. 107 32...
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