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Solve the right triangle a c 748 b 585 c b a 18 a

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Unformatted text preview: '58" 17. Solve the right triangle: A c = 748 b 58.5˚ C B a 18. A highway runs due north. A car traveling at 50 mph exits the highway on a bearing of 30°. After driving another 1.5 hours, what is the distance from the car to the highway? 19. The angle of elevation from a point 93.2 feet from the base of a tower to the top of the tower is 38˚2’. Find the height of the tower. 20. From the top of a 150 foot tall lighthouse, a boat is spotted with an angle of depression of 18.4˚. How far is the boat from the base of the lighthouse? 21. A guy wire 77.4 m long is attached to the top of an antenna mast that is 71.3 m high. Find the angle that the wire makes with the ground. 22. A ship leaves a pier on a bearing of S62˚E and travels for 75 km. It then turns and continues on a bearing of N28˚E for 53 km. How far is the ship from the pier? Jan-13 AS4402.doc MAT 111 – Unit 1 Review Page 3 ANSWER KEY 1. A. 48°...
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