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General Review MTI W14-3

General Review MTI W14-3 -...

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This study guide is meant as a general review of the broader topics covered for midterm 1. I expect that you have read the chapters twice (once for the reading quizzes and once after we covered the material). You are also expected to know the material from the lab documents and the general concepts covered in each lab. You may be given examples in exam questions that reflect similar situations to what ou have seen in the lab. This list is not comprehensive. Although specific tables and figures are referenced in this list, I would go through the figures and make sure you can explain each of them in your own words. If you cannot, or you see a figure that doesn’t make sense to you then go back and read that information in the text for review. Many students find it helpful to review by answering the blue text question in the CYU boxes at the end of each section. The questions at the end of each chapter may also be valuable to you as a study tool. Once you are done studying for the exam you should be able to… 1. describe the evidence for evolution (transitional forms, radioactive decay dating, extinction, etc) and evidence for descent with modification (see Table 25.1 for a summary) 2. apply the evidence and observations made by Darwin and explain how they
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