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Week 4 Notes

with sex it can be obtained via recombinaon of ab and

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Unformatted text preview: eproduc;on •  New combina;ons of alleles •  Sex can produce new genotypes •  Produces varia;on with each new allele combina;on •  Clearance of deleterious muta;ons Recombina;on •  Speed rate of adap;ve evolu;on by producing novel allele combina;ons •  Suppose AB is advantageous... –  With sex, it can be obtained via recombina;on of Ab and aB lineages –  Without sex, two muta;ons are required •  Asexual genomes are slow to adapt... 4 1/27/14 The Idea of Muller’s Ratchet Advantage of recombina;on •  However, let’s suppose existing lineages carry: •  Ab and aB where upper case alleles (A and B) are deleterious. •  With sex we can purge deleterious mutations: Recombination can create ab and AB, and selection can remove AB and keep ab. •  Without sex, no way to remove A and B simultaneously. In fact, new mutations will only make population...
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