Week 4 Notes

How could this have helped plants colonize more

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Unformatted text preview: ophytes - Liverworts •  May be first land plants •  Simple thallus •  No stomata •  Some with gemma cups - asexual reproduc;ve parts on the thallus 28 1/27/14 Bryophytes - Hornworts •  Plantlike and algalike features •  Have pyrenoids •  Sexual and asexual reproduc;on Bryophytes - Mosses •  Vascular plant like characteris;cs •  Protonema - haploid filamentous web produces leafy gametophytes •  Bisexual or unisexual •  Transport cells (primi;ve) Ecological func;ons include soil produc;on and primary producers in harsh environments 29 1/27/14 Bryophytes •  Small, so poor compe;tors with other plants for space or light. •  Tend to grow in environments where roots do not provide a selec;ve advantage •  In Antar;ca there are roughly 100 specie...
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