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Week 4 Notes

Hypotheses on the origin of eukaryoc cells does this

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Unformatted text preview: worse... •  This is the idea of: Muller’s ratchet. An asexual lineage can only accumulate more deleterious mutations... and each time - it’s a click on the ratchet. Sexual reproduc;on is what we see in Eukaryotes (of course there are excep;ons) Does that mean that all eukaryotes are diploid? 5 1/27/14 Alterna;on of Genera;ons Why might something like this evolve? Why might this be an important structure differen;a;ng prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Hypotheses on the origin of eukaryo;c cells Does this explain the origin of membrane bound organelles? 6 1/27/14 Evolu;on of Mitochondria – Primary Endosymbioses Mitochondria are approximately the same size as an α- proteobacteria Mitochondria replicate via fission Mitochondria have their own genomes, which are circular Mitochondria have double membranes Evolu;on of Chloroplasts 7 1/27/14 Evolu;on of Photosynth...
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