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Week 4 Notes

Pharmaceucal value bioprospecng taxol pacic yew

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Unformatted text preview: osed to air •  First terrestrial colonizers (fungi and animals became terrestrial later). •  Important as the dominant primary producers in terrestrial food chains Major Roles of Plants •  Produce oxygen, recall cyanobacteria - terrestrial plants con;nued the trend •  Help to build soil, and hold soil - decomposers, erosion •  Plants help soil hold water - erosion •  Plants buffer local climate 16 1/27/14 Human Uses of Plants Agriculture - the role of ar;ficial selec;on Plant based fuel sources - wood, coal Forestry - produc;vity concerns Bioprospec;ng - medicinal uses of plants (hydroponics to isolate chemicals, ethnobotanists) •  Aesthe;cally pleasing - bouquets of flowers •  •  •  •  Agriculture 17 1/27/14 Plant- based Fuels •  Peat bogs •  Coal forma;on •  Renewable energy? Plant material accumulates in stagnant and acidic swamps •  Bryophyte that contributes a great amount to the total biomass •  Have specialized cells that hold water •  Acidify the soil (proton secre;on) •  Secrete phenols that slow decomposi;on •  Carbon sink Sphagnum 18 1/27/14 Forestry ...
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