Week 4 Notes

Water potenal the driving force behind water movement

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Unformatted text preview:   Human uses for wood products –  Paper –  Construc;on –  Pencils –  Anything else? Pharmaceu;cal value •  Bioprospec;ng –  Taxol - Pacific Yew –  Aspirin - Willow bark 19 1/27/14 Plants are related to Green algae •  •  •  •  •  •  What can we say Both contain chlorophyll about plants? a and b, and beta- carotene Thylakoids Cellulose cell walls Starch stored in chloroplasts Sperm Peroxisomes - degrade faiy and amino acids Evolved from the charophyta 425- 490 mya Fossil Record of Plants Timeline of major events in plant diversifica;on Does this match with other data? 20 1/27/14 Molecular Phylogeny of Green Plants From the fossil record and the phylogeny we can begin to see some of the evolu;onary trends Some of the issues… •  Movement from water to land –  Water rela;ons –  growth •  Reproduc;on –  With and without water •  These themes are repeated in the evolu;onary history of animals as well •  UV Radia;on •  Support These are BIG issues to overcome? What might some of the advantages to this change have been? 21 1/27/14 Major adapta;ons •  Sporopollenin –...
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