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Week 4 Notes

Became terrestrial later important as the dominant

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Unformatted text preview: pseudopods 12 1/27/14 Alveolates •  Incredibly diverse group of pro;sts has wide range of movement, feeding, and reproduc;on Ciliates Dinoflagellates Apicomplexans Stramenopiles 13 1/27/14 Ecological Impacts •  Primary producers •  Outer shells contribute to petroleum forma;on •  Fer;lizing the oceans? If you increase photosynthesis can you increase carbon sequestra;on? Green Plants Terrestrial Life Major Themes in Plant Diversifica;on 14 1/27/14 General Plant Structure Photosynthesis •  •  •  Green algae - important photosynthe;c organisms in aqua;c environments Plants - important photosynthe;c organisms in terrestrial environments Before plants there were only unicellular bacteria, archaea, and single- celled pro;sts Earth and organisms through ;me 15 1/27/14 Land Plants •  Land plants evolved from green algae •  Able to grow with their ;ssues exp...
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