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The importance bryophytes liverworts may be rst land

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Unformatted text preview: Helps prevent dessica;on •  Cu;cle –  First layer of defense against dessica;on, also causes problems •  Stomata –  Opening and closing •  Vascular Tissue –  Moving water throughout the plant Stomata •  An opening formed between two guard cells and opens based on different condi;ons •  Affected by light or water balance 22 1/27/14 Adapta;ons •  Treacheids - specialized cells containing lignin, this strengthened stems. •  Water poten;al, the driving force behind water movement in plants •  Land plants split into bryophytes and tracheophytes –  Adapta;ons •  Lignin •  Apical meristems •  Embryophytes Moving water through the plant • Water potential is the pressure potential (ψp) plus the solute potential (ψs): ψ = ψp + ψs 23 1/27/14 Vascular Tissue •  Xylem transports water and solutes •  Phloem transports sugars from photosynthesis The evolu;on of leaves 24 1/27/14 Major Innova;ons E...
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