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Week 8 Notes

community ecology species interactions community

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Unformatted text preview: d food availability combined 9 2/24/14 Age Structure •  The propor,on of individuals that are at each possible age –  Popula,ons dominated by juveniles should experience rapid growth –  What will limit popula,on growth aber that? •  How do popula,ons reach a state of zero popula,on growth? What do we think about age structure in human popula,ons? 10 2/24/14 Does popula,on ecology have anything to do with endangered species •  Metapopula,on - a popula,on of popula,ons •  Source and sink •  Popula,ons that blink in and out of existence. Habitat fragmenta,on •  Things that did not originally exist as metapopula,ons may now be •  What types of decisions can conserva,on biologists make when making a management plan? 11 2/24/14 Metapopula,on: changes through ,me •  Each popula,on that is part of a metapopula,on should go ex,nct at some point in ,me •  Migrants from other popula,ons should “rescue” the a patch threatened by ex,nc,on.*** Community Ecology Species Interactions Community Structure Species Diversity 12 2/24/14 Concepts •  Interactions between species, competition and consumption, have two basic outcomes: affect distribution and abundance •  Species assemblages change over time •  Species diversity is higher in the tropics than at the poles Species Interac,ons •  Distri...
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