Week 8 Notes

Density dependent changes in survivorship usually

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Unformatted text preview:   When popula,on density—the number of individuals per unit area—gets very high, we would expect the popula,on’s per- Logis,c Growth capita birth rate to decrease and the per- capita death rate to increase, causing r to decline. This type of growth is density dependent. •  Carrying capacity, K, is the maximum number of individuals in a popula,on that can be supported in a par,cular habitat over a sustained period of ,me. 7 2/24/14 What limits popula,on growth? •  Density- independent, usually triggered by changes in the abio,c environment •  Density- dependent, usually related to bio,c factors and change in intensity as a func,on of popula,on size. •  Density- dependent changes in survivorship usually cause logis,c popula,on growth, and may define K. •  Is K the same for every species? Does it vary with both space and ,me? 8 2/24/14 Limits to Popula,on Growth Popula,on Dynamics •  See how some species change over ,me •  Popula,on cycles •  Preda,on an...
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