Week 8 Notes

Limited amount of me and energy for an organism

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Unformatted text preview: 4/14 Life History •  How an individual allocates resources to growth, reproduc,on, and ac,vi,es/ structures related to survival Life History Strategies 5 2/24/14 Role of Life History •  How the organism allocates resources to growth, reproduc,on, and ac,vi,es related to survival •  A trade- off does exist •  Why not high survival an high fecundity? –  Limited amount of ,me and energy for an organism –  Natural selec,on shapes life history to maximize fitness in a given environment Popula,on Growth •  •  •  •  •  •  Birth rate Death rate Immigra,on rate Emigra,on rate Difference between birth and death rates is called r r has varies through ,me within popula,ons, does have a maximum value 6 2/24/14 Exponen,al growth occurs when r does not change over ,me. It does not depend on the number of individuals in the popula,on. When increases in the size of a popula,on do not affect r, growth is density independent Exponen,al Growth ...
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