Week 8 Notes

Week 8 Notes

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Unformatted text preview: bu,on and abundance are affected by interac,ons with other species •  Species act as agents of natural selec,on when they interact •  Species interac,ons and their outcomes are dynamic and condi,onal 13 2/24/14 Community •  Interacting species, within a defined area •  Looking at the scale between biomes and populations •  Look at species interactions as a + or - for the species involved Classifying species interactions •  •  •  •  Competition Consumption Mutualism Commensalism 14 2/24/14 •  Interspecific Competition •  Intraspecific •  Darwin made initial observations about competition and how it might be responsible for shaping certain species’ characteristics •  Understanding the meaning of niche Competitive Exclusion Principle •  It is not possible for species with the same niche to coexist •  Fundamental Niche •  Realized Niche •  Mechanism of competition depends on the species and resources involved 15 2/24/14 Complete exclusion Fundamental niche Realized niche Competition •  Exists when there is niche overlap •  Can resu...
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