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Week 7 Notes

16 21914 the wonderful world of the breadcrumb sponge

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Unformatted text preview: dividual •  A signal is a behavior that carries informa7on •  What are some of the uses for communica7on? •  What are some of the modes of communica7on? 13 2/19/14 Communica7ng with offspring •  S7muli as releasers •  Proximate causes •  Ul7mate causes Acous7c communica7on •  What possible role might this type of communica7on have? •  Bird song •  Whale acous7c behavior •  Footdrumming •  What does environment have to do with communica7on? 14 2/19/14 An7- predator defenses Communica7ng with predators •  Cons7tu7ve Defenses –  Spines –  Camoflouge –  Behavioral •  Inducible Defenses Let’s be honest •  Honesty of a signal has important ramifica7ons in behavior •  What happens when si...
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