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Thick went 16 miles behavioral ecology 7 21914

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Unformatted text preview: ssociated with a dis7nc7ve combina7on of temperature and moisture (mean and annual averages) Aqua7c Biomes Depth of water Water movement Salinity 5 2/19/14 Aqua7c Biomes Lake Turnover 6 2/19/14 Lake Nyos Africa Above a volcano Input of carbon dioxide Disturbance 165 ^. thick, went 16 miles Behavioral Ecology 7 2/19/14 Defini7ons to get us going •  What things cause animals to behave the way they do? –  Proximate causa7on is how ac7ons occur –  Ul7mate causa7on is why ac7ons occur Varia7on in Behaviors •  Range of behavior –  Gene7c or innate –  Learned –  Some learned behaviors involve choice 8 2/19/14 Genes and Behavior •  An interes7ng study –  How do scien7sts tell the difference between environment and gene7cs on behavior? •  •  •  •  Depriva7on Breeding Interbreeding Knockout 9 2/19/14 Types of behavior •  Learning - a change in behavior that results from experience...
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