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Yorkshire Ripper - 1 The Yorkshire Ripper Peter William...

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1 The Yorkshire Ripper Peter William Sutcliffe, who is now known as the “Yorkshire Ripper”, was once thought to be a caring person and a loving husband. The views of everyone who knew this seemingly quiet man made a complete turnaround in January of 1981. This is when Sutcliffe confessed to killing thirteen women and leaving an additional seven women for dead after attacking them with a blow from a hammer to the head. He then would slash their helpless bodies with a knife and sometimes a screwdriver. i Unfortunately, all of these heinous killings were committed over a period of five long years. The media had an enormous effect on the investigation of the serial killer who had Northern England paralyzed in fear for so long. The media was so drawn into the case of the killer they dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper” 1 that it may have actually prolonged the investigation and the arrest of Peter Sutcliffe. There was so much hype in the media over this case that there ended up being a Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer. 2 This hoaxer sent a total of three letters and an audiocassette tape which taunted police, and sent the whole Ripper inquiry in the wrong direction, as detectives believed the distinctive Sunderland accent on the audio tape belonged to the real murderer. This led police to focus the investigation and the questioning on a small town named Castletown in Sunderland. Peter Sutcliffe, the real killer, was questioned nine separate times and was dismissed partly because he had a West Yorkshire accent and police were looking for the Sunderland accent. ii In regards to the hoaxes Sutcliffe said, “While ever that was going on I was safe.'' iii He had a chance to kill 1 After the 5 th murder, the police realize that there is a serial killer on the loose and the press gives the killer the nickname of the “Yorkshire Ripper”. 2 This hoaxer, who was just recently found to be John Humble, said he was fascinated with the murders he saw reported on television and in newspapers and that he was most likely drunk when he had written the letters.
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2 three more women when the police were investigating the fake letters, the phony audio tape, and the Sunderland area, which is miles away from where Sutcliffe actually lived. At some times the media portrayed the police working on the investigation as
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Yorkshire Ripper - 1 The Yorkshire Ripper Peter William...

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