Background - heavily Since we will be taking these in class...

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Background: This is a bran-new library that is just getting started. We are looking for some guidance from our students so we can make some decisions about what books to buy. We want this library to appeal to all our students so they will enjoy and utilize it. Unfortunately we are starting with nothing so we need all the help we can get. We need funding and all the guidance available. Most of the students that are enrolled in our school have never had a useful school library. We want ours to be their first. Our library is just getting started and we would like to expand our collection to include more books that the students will read. We don’t want to buy random books that the students may not appreciate. Hopefully this questionnaire will help guide us in the right direction. We will use it to decide which books are more desirable than others to the students in each wing. We will calculate the total interest in each category, weighing the more frequent readers
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Unformatted text preview: heavily. Since we will be taking these in class hopefully all the students will be taking them and we will have at least a hundred results. Quality Control: We are hoping to sample the population of the entire school one hundred ten students but if we end up with at least one hundred that’s ok too. The survey will be very reliable because we will have someone guide the students on how to fill out the survey and what appropriate answers would be. There should be virtually no errors because the students can take the survey again in case of an error. The data will be analyzed by teachers and compiled so that we can make a decision as to what types of books to buy. Conclusion: The data we gather should help us to figure out what types and titles of books the students are interested in borrowing from the library....
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Background - heavily Since we will be taking these in class...

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