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Reference 407 Pathfinder My middle school library just started subscribing to a new streaming video service, discovery education streaming. HYPERLINK "" Most of the staff has not had the time to check it out. Betsy, the school librarian, thought that the students would enjoy using the service even though they haven’t had a chance to use it in class. When I discussed the pathfinder assignment with Betsy she suggested making a study aide including some on the topics that the students were studying in their classes. Betsy wanted to make sure that I included a video from the new service for each topic. I also included two to three books that are available to the students at the library. (Our school is fortunate enough to be next door to the public library so we can basically get anything from interlibrary loan)
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Unformatted text preview: I wanted to keep the pathfinder short and manageable because middle school students will use it. The pathfinder also needed to be colorful and eye catching. I decided to include a variety of subjects instead of just one so the pathfinder would be useful to many students instead of a single group. The pathfinder is intended as a study aid for all the students. It will allow them to explore the new streaming video service as well as use the libraries resources. I was asked to create this pathfinder in the school’s administration plus program so it could be linked to the website as well as used in their moodle or anywhere else they want to use it. This proved to be more difficult then I would have liked but I wasn’t about to say no after Betsy had been so helpful. This is my first pathfinder and I am not very good with technology that I am not familiar with so please forgive me if it appears a bit “amateurish”....
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