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Reference 407 Five Reference Interactions I decided to observe the reference desk at my school’s library in Somers CT. There is one librarian, Betsy, and an assistant. That seamed like a sufficient amount of staffing. The library has an average of 5-6 students roaming the selves, on the computers or studying. The reference desk is not very busy, unless a class has a project due and the whole class comes in to do some research. In that case there will be a teacher and often a paraprofessional there to help out the students. The reference desk is not busy at all, because the staff circulates around the room and “checks up” on the students. This is essential for a school library because the students are often too shy to ask questions and you never know what they are looking up on the internet. I have also witnessed students behind the reference desk working with the librarian to find an answer to a question. The desk is located right in front of the library so it’s easy to find. It has varying heights to accommodate students with disabilities, a helpful characteristic from our readings (although there is no chair). The library has a row of ten bran new computers and a computer room attached to it. The library isn’t noisy or too quiet, which is good because you wouldn’t want the students to be afraid to talk or ask questions. Library Statistics Library Materials: Print and Non-Print (over the last three years) School District: Somers CT
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Number of Print Volumes Per Student (2005) 19.1 (2006) 19.1 (2007) 20.1 Number of Print Volumes Purchased (2005) 1.3 (2006) 1.3 (2007) 13.1 Number of Periodical Subscriptions (2005) 21 (2006) 21.0 (2007) 27.8 *Free on-line access to periodicals, newspapers, and other resources is available to all Connecticut schools through the Connecticut Digital Library (Found on the library’s website www.somers.k12.ct.us/index.html) I witnessed a few interactions while I visited the library. The first was a boy who had accidentally erased his paper he was typing. The boy approached Betsy,
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observe - Reference 407 Five Reference Interactions I...

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