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Unformatted text preview: t database systems prompt the user to confirm the deletion of the record before deleting it. This feature prevents deletion of a record by mistake. The command for adding a record enables the user to add new records to the database. When this command is enabled, the system displays a blank form and waits for the user to enter data. The user then keys in the data for each field in the appropriate spaces and finally presses the enter or tab key after keying the data in the last field to save the record. On doing this, the system displays a new blank form for the next record to be entered. If no more records are to be added, the user can use the mouse to select the option to terminate the data entry process for adding new records. Searching for Desired Information A database management system derives much of its power from the ease with which its users can search for the desired information from the large volume of data stored in a database. That is, users can search a database with great ease for obtaining answers to a wide range of queries. The commonly supported features in modern database systems for this are: 1. Find command, 2. Query language, and 3. Query By Example (QBE) These features are briefly described below. Find Command The find command is used for simple database queries, like searching for records having a particular string pattern in a field. For example, in the employee database created by using the form of Figure 16.12, the Find command may be used to list out the records of all employees whose last name is "SINHA". Similarly it may be used to list out the records of all employees who belong to the city of "PUNE". To use Find, the user has to type the string pattern to be searched and then has to indicate which field to search in. For instance, in the above example, the user has to type "STNHA" and indicate that this string has to be searched in the "LAST NAME" field. The user can specify either a single field...
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