if projects are postponed documented work will not

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Unformatted text preview: should be used to link the portions of th flowchart on different pages. Advantages and Limitations of Flowcharts Advantages The following benefits may be obtained when flowcharts are used for the purpose of program planning: 1. Better Communication. The old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true for flowcharts also. Since, a flowchart is a pictorial representation of a program, it is easier for programmer to explain the logic of a program to some other programmer or to his/her boss through flowchart rather than the program itself. 2. Effective Analysis. A macro flowchart that charts the main line of logic of a software system becomes a system model that can be broken down into detailed parts for study and further analysis c the system. 3. Effective Synthesis. A group of programmers are normally associated with the design of bi software systems. Each programmer is responsible for designing only a part of the entire system. S initially, if each programmer draws a flowchart for his/her part of design, the flowcharts of all the programmers can be placed together to visualize the overall system design. Any problem in linking the various parts of the system can be easily detected at this stage and the design can be accordingly modified. Flowcharts are thus used as working models in the design of new programs and software systems. 4. Proper Program Documentation. Program documentation involves collecting, organizing, storing, and otherwise maintaining a complete historical record of programs and the other documents associated with a system. Good documentation is needed for the following reasons: - Documented knowledge belongs to an organization and does not disappear with the departure (resignation/retirement) of a programmer. - If projects are postponed, documented work will not have to be duplicated. - If programs are modified in the future, the programmer will have a more understandable record of what was originally done. From what we have seen of the nature of flo...
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