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Unformatted text preview: gnals; performing the necessary signal conversion, such as D/A transformation for playback on the TV monitor; and sending outgoing control messages. Marketing In the last few decades, computers have radically altered business practices. Because multimedia is so effective at communicating information, many companies have found it to be a powerful marketing tool. Few examples of use of multimedia in marketing are given below. Multimedia Presentation Business promotion often requires making presentations by a company to its prospective customers about the company and its products and services. Such presentations are normally carried out either at the company's own premises, or at the premises of a specific customer, or at an exhibition/conference site. Multimedia computer systems are nowadays preferred and being used extensively for this purpose instead of slides or overheads. The main reason is that the audiovisual and other features of multimedia make the presentations more lively and interesting to the audience. Moreover, changes can be easily incorporated in an already prepared presentation to customize it for a specific customer or a specific group of prospective customers. Laptop computers have further helped in this activity and are extensively being used nowadays to carry out multimedia presentations at locations other than the company's own premises because marketing agents need mobility. Multimedia Catalogue Multimedia brochures and catalogues are extensively used nowadays for sales promotion and marketing. For example, many real estate firms use multimedia to show prospective customers information about available houses. Such application can quickly search a few houses from a database of many houses that closely match a customer's requirements. It can then display high-quality graphic images of each selected house, with room photographs, layouts, and maps to facilitate the customer in better and faster decision making. Although the same information can be provided on p...
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