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Unformatted text preview: re developed for Linux must be tested on every version of Linux it runs and on every version of the libraries and services it requires. To enhance application portability to the various Linux distribution versions, most commercial Linux software vendors and distributors are participating in developing a base set of libraries, application programming interfaces, a filesystem hierarchy standard, and interoperability measures called the Linux Standard Base (LSB). Points to Remember 1. An operating system (often referred to as OS) is an integrated set of programs that controls the resources (the CPU, memory, I/O devices, etc.) of a computer system and provides its users with an interface or virtual machine that is more convenient to use than the bare machine. 2. The main functions provided by most modern operating systems are process management, memory management, file management, device management, security, and command interpretation. 3. The efficiency of an operating system and the overall performance of a computer system are usually measured in terms of its throughput, turnaround time, and response time. 4. Throughput is the amount of work that the system is able to do per unit time. It is measured as the number of processes that are completed by the system per unit time. 5. Turnaround time is the interval from the time of submission of a job to the system for processing to the time of completion of the job. 6. Response time is the interval from the time of submission of a job to the system for processing to the time the first response for the job is produced by the system. 7. A process (also called job) is a program in execution. The main objective of the process management module of an operating system is to manage the processes submitted to the system in such a manner so as to minimize the idle time of the various processors (CPU, I/O processors, etc.) of the computer system. 8. In the batch processing method of job execution, job-to-job transition is automatic. This helps in reducing the idle time of a computer system to a great extent because transition from one job to another does not require any operator intervention. 9. Control statements...
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