12 what is a spell checker in a word processing

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Unformatted text preview: use of relative and absolute cell addresses in formula, support for a wide range of commands, and support for displaying numeric data in the form of graphs and charts. 15. A graphics package enables us to use a computer system for creating, editing, viewing, storing, retrieving and printing designs, drawings, pictures graphs and anything else that can be drawn in the traditional manner. 16. Some of the commonly supported features found in modern graphics packages are drawing designs, painting drawings and pictures, presenting graphs and charts, dragging-and-dropping graphic objects, importing graphic objects, and capturing screen snapshots. 17. Computer-aided-design (CAD) deals with the integration of computers and graphics design packages for the purpose of automating the design and drafting process. 18. The two methods commonly used for composing graphic objects are vector graphics and raster graphics. In vector graphics, the graphic object is composed of patterns of lines, points, circles, arcs and other geometric shapes which can be easily represented by few geometric parameters. On the other hand, in raster graphics, the graphic object is composed of patterns of dots called pixels. Vector graphics representation takes up much less storage space than raster graphics representation for the same graphic object. However, raster graphics provides more flexibility in drawing complex shapes and representation of colors. 19. A. personal-assistance package allows individuals to use personal computers for storing and retrieving their personal information, and planning and managing their schedules, contacts, finances and inventory of important items. 20. Some of the commonly supported features found in modern personalassistance packages are calendar, to-do-list, address book, investments book and inventory book. Questions 1. What is a word-processing package? List out some of the key features supported by modern word-processing packages. 2. Differentiate between the insert and type...
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