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Unformatted text preview: loppy disks and zip disks are compact and light in weight. Hence they are easy to handle and store. Very large amount of data can be stored in a small storage space. 7. Due to their compact size and light weight, floppy disks and zip disks are also easily portable from one place to another. They are often used for transferring data and programs from one computer to another, which are not linked together. 8. Any information desired from a disk storage can be accessed in a few milliseconds because it is a direct access storage device. This is not possible in case of a tape storage, which is a sequential access storage device. 9. Data transfer rate for a magnetic disk system is normally higher than a tape system. 10. Magnetic disks are less vulnerable to data corruption due to careless handling or unfavorable temperature and humidity conditions than magnetic tapes. Limitations As a secondary storage device, magnetic disks have the following limitations: 1. Although magnetic disks may be used for both applications requiring random processing of data and applications requiring sequential processing of data, for applications of the latter type, use of magnetic disks may be less efficient than magnetic tapes. 2. It is more difficult to maintain the security of information stored on magnetic disks which are used as shared, on-line secondary storage devices, as compared to information stored on magnetic tapes or on other types of magnetic disks. 3. For Winchester disks, a disk crash or drive failure often results in the loss of entire data stored on it. It is not easy to recover the lost data. That is why suitable backup procedures are suggested for data stored on Winchester disks. 4. Some types of magnetic disks, such as disk packs and Winchester disks, are not so easily portable like magnetic tapes. 5. On a cost-per-bit basis, the cost of magnetic disks is low, but the cost of magnetic tapes is even lower. 6. They must be stored in a dust-free environment. 7. Floppy disks, zip disks and disk packs should be labeled properly to prevent erasure of useful data by mistake. Uses of Magnetic Disks Magnetic disks are typically used for one or more of the fo...
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