2 the three basic elements of any communication

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Unformatted text preview: each one on a different processor. Distributed computing systems with very fast communication networks are increasingly being used as parallel computers to solve single complex problems rapidly. Another method often used in distributed computing systems for achieving better overall performance is to distribute the load more evenly among the multiple processors by moving jobs from currently overloaded processors to lightly loaded ones. 6. Higher reliability. Reliability refers to the degree of tolerance against errors and component failures in a system. A reliable system prevents loss of information even in the event of component failures. The multiplicity of storage devices and processors in a distributed computing system allows the maintenance "of multiple copies of critical information within the system and the execution of important computations redundantly to protect them against catastrophic failures. With this approach, if one of the processors fails, the computation can be successfully completed at the other processor, and if one of the storage devices fails, the information can still be used from the other storage device. Furthermore, the geographical distribution of the processors and other resources in a distributed computing system limits the scope of failures caused by natural disasters. 7. Extensibility and incremental growth. Another major advantage of distributed computing systems is that they are capable of incremental growth. That is, it is possible to gradually extend the power and functionality of a distributed computing system by simply adding additional resources (both hardware and software) to the system as and when the need arises. For example, additional processors can be easily added to the system to handle the increased workload of an organization that might have resulted from its expansion. Incremental growth is a very attractive feature because for most existing and proposed applications it is practically impossible to predict future demands of the system. Extensibility is also easier in a distributed computing system because addition of new resources .to an existing system can be perfo...
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