22 divide 01101112 by 01112 23 briefly explain how

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Unformatted text preview: 1101112 using complementary method. 17. Subtract 11112 from 11002 using complementary method. 18. Multiply the binary numbers 1100 and 1010. 19. Multiply the binary numbers 01101 and 1001. 20. Multiply the binary numbers 101111 and 111. 21. Divide 110012 by 1012. 22. Divide 01101112 by 01112. 23. Briefly explain how multiplication and division operations are performed within a computer using additive approach. 24. What is the primary advantage of performing subtraction by the complementary method in digital computers? 25. Discuss the. advantages and disadvantages of performing the various arithmetic operations by additive method in a diaital comouter. Chapter 6 Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits Boolean algebra that deals with the binary number system, is very useful in designing logic circuits used by the processors of computer systems. In this chapter you will learn about this algebra and the elementary logic gates that are used to build,up circuits of different types to perform the necessary arithmetic operations. These logic gates are the building blocks of all the circuits in a computer. You will also learn how to use Boolean algebra to design simple logic circuits, which are frequently used by the arithmetic logic unit of almost all computers. BOOLEAN ALGEBRA In the mid-1800's, an algebra which simplified the representation and manipulation of propositional logic was developed by the English mathematician, George Boole (18151864). It became known as Boolean algebra after its developer's name. Later, in the year 1938, Claude E. Shannon, a research assistant in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a thesis entitled, "A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits". In this thesis, he proposed the use of Boolean algebra in the design of relay switching circuits. The basic techniques described by Shannon were adopted almost universally for the design and analysis of switching circuits. Because of the analogous relationship between the action of relays and of modern electron...
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