23 a disk array also known as a raid is a mass

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Unformatted text preview: disks may be broadly classified into two types - floppy disks and hard disks. Floppy disks are made of flexible plastic whereas hard disks are made of rigid metal. Depending on the type of packaging, hard disks are further classified into zip disks, disk packs and Winchester disks. 17. An optical-disk storage system consists of a rotating disk, which is coated with a thin metal or some other material that is highly reflective. Laser beam technology is used for recording/reading of data on the disk. 18. The storage capacity of an optical disk is a multiple of its number of sectors and number of bytes per sector. 19. An optical disk drive contains all the mechanical, electrical and electronic components for holding an optical disk and for reading or writing of information on to it. 20. The two most popular types of optical disks in use today are CD-ROM and WORM disks. CD-ROM disk is a read-only storage medium whereas WORM disk is a writeonce, read-many storage medium. 21. Magneto-optical disks integrate optical and magnetic disk technologies to enable rewritable storage with laser-beam technology. 22. Mass storage devices use multiple units of a storage media to create a single secondary storage device. 23. A disk array (also known as a RAID) is a mass storage device that uses a set of hard disks and hard disk drives with a controller mounted in a single box. All the disks of a disk array form a single large storage unit. RAID systems provide enhanced storage capacity, enhanced performance and enhanced reliability. 24. An automated tape library is a mass storage device that uses a set of magnetic tapes and tape drives with a controller mounted in a single unit. 25. A CD-ROM jukebox is a mass storage device that uses a set of CD-ROM disks and CD-ROM drives with a controller mounted in a single unit. 26. In order that devices manufactured by independent vendors can be used with different computer manufacturers, it is important that the device controllers follow some drive interfacing standard. The four commonly used drive interface standards are Integrated Dri...
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