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Unformatted text preview: reviously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. 22. A distributed database system seamlessly Integrates multiple databases located on different computers. A distributed database management system functions in such a manner that the multiple distributed databases managed by it appear as a single centralized database to the end users. 23. An active database system is capable of monitoring and reacting to specific circumstances of relevance to an application. Questions 1. What is the difference between data and information? 2. What is meant by data processing? 3. What is a data processing system? 4. In data processing, storage of data is often conceptualized as a data storage hierarchy. Describe the various levels of this hierarchy. 5. Give an example to illustrate the relationship between a character, a field, a record, and a file. 6. What is a database? How is it different from a file? 7. What are the two standard methods used in data processing systems for organizing data? Explain their relative advantages and disadvantages. 8. Describe three drawbacks that occur in traditional information processing when separate, unrelated files are used. 9. What is the difference between a master file and a transaction file? 10. What is a key field? How is it useful? 11. What is data redundancy? Explain with an example. Now explain how the database-oriented approach of data organization helps in reducing data redundancy as compared to the file-oriented approach. 12. What is data integrity problem? Explain how the database-oriented approach of data organization helps in solving this problem. 13. What is a file management system? 14. Describe the various types of files commonly supported in a typical file management system. 15. What is the difference between an output file and a report file? 16. What is a backup file? Why is regular creation of backup files important? 17. What is meant by file organization? What are the three commonly used file organizations in busines...
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