28 how do epic processors have better performance

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Unformatted text preview: em determined? 16. Differentiate between the terms "clock cycle" and "clock speed". 17. What is a superscalar CPU architecture? How does it lead to a better performance of a computer system? 18. The processing speed of personal computers is generally measured in MHz (Mega Hertz), but that of workstations, mini computers, and mainframe systems is measured in MFLOPS (Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second). Explain why. 19. Why is the speed of supercomputers generally measured in FLOPS? 20. Name two important design parameters that influence the performance of a CPU. Explain how each parameter influences the speed with which a CPU can execute instructions. 21. List out the key features of CISC processors. 22. List out the key features of RISC processors. 23. Differentiate between CISC and RISC processors. 24. List out the relative advantages and disadvantages of CISC and RISC processors. 25. Explain how RISC architecture leads to the design of faster and less expensive processors as compared to CISC architecture. 26. What is EPIC technology? What are its key features? 27. What is IA-64 architecture? 28. How do EPIC processors have better performance than CISC or RISC processors? 29. What is explicit parallelism? How does it help in improved processor performance? 30. What is predication? How does it help in improved processor performance? 31. Explain the difference between "branch prediction" and "branch predication" techniques. 32. What is load speculation? How does it help in improved processor performance? 33. The performance of EPIC processors comes from both hardware and software. Discuss. 34. Imagine a computer system, which has no primary memory. Explain how would computations be carried out in this system. What would be the major drawback of such a system? Based on this, explain the need for primary memory in a computer system. 35. A fast processor alone is not sufficient for good performance of a computer system. Dis...
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