3 applications that allow an individual to take on

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Unformatted text preview: ontacts, financial and inventory of important items. Education Software Education software allow computer systems to be used as a teaching and learning tool. A few examples of such applications are: 1. Applications that teach young children to do mathematics, how to recognize the alphabet, or how to read whole words and sentences. The use of a computer allows the learning process to be made interesting by incorporating audio-visual effects in the application. For example, use of encouraging spoken words (like excellent, marvelous, etc.) when the correct answer is given, and display of marks obtained leads to interesting learning process. 2. Applications that allow students to prepare for tests and entrance examinations. These applications simulate a test or an examination by asking similar questions to the student and guide the student when he/she answers wrongly to a question. The beauty of these applications is that they are designed to prepare each student at his/her own knowledge level and pace of learning. That is, the questions become tougher at the pace with which a student provides correct answers. So the questions will soon get tougher for a brilliant student and will slowly get tougher for an average or below average student. Another interesting and useful feature of these applications is that they can immediately analyze the type of questions in which a student is having difficulty and can put forth more questions of that type to the student so that he/she gets more practice in his/her weak areas. 3. Applications that allow an individual to take on-line examinations in which an examinee has to use a computer during the examination. The computer presents questions one at a time on its screen and the examinee has to click the right answer from multiple choices presented to him/her. In some on line examinations each question has a difficulty level attached to it. It means that the examination automatically adapts itself according to how the student answers the previous question. If he/she answers a question correctly, he/she gets a more difficult question and vice-versa. Due to the availability of such ap...
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