3 automobile industry uses supercomputers to do crash

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Unformatted text preview: users to simultaneously use the system through the user terminals, their operating systems support multiprogramming with timesharing so that all the users get good response time and an illusion that their jobs are being attended to by the system. 5. Output devices. The user terminals serve the purpose of soft copy output devices. However, for hard copy outputs, «a mainframe system usually has several printers and one or more plotters connected to the back-end computer. Different printers may be of different print speeds and different print qualities. Plotters are used to produce large, high-precision hard copies of graphs, charts, blueprints, and drawings. These output devices are also located in the user room so that they are accessible to the users for taking their outputs. It is unlikely that you would find two mainframe systems configured in exactly the same way. The configuration of a mainframe system depends a lot on the type of usage and the kind of users it is meant for. The example of Figure 20.4 is just one possible configuration. Mainframe systems are much bigger and several times more expensive than workstations. A typical mainframe system looks like a row of large file cabinets and needs a large room with closely monitored humidity and temperature. A mainframe system may cost anywhere from a few tens of lakhs to a few crores of rupees depending on the configuration. A mainframe system having smaller configuration (slower host and subordinate computers, lesser storage space, and fewer user terminals) is often referred to as a minicomputer system. However, there is no well-defined boundary for differentiating between the two. Two major vendors of mainframe systems are IBM and DEC. SUPERCOMPUTERS Supercomputers are the most powerful and most expensive computers available at a given time. They are primarily used for processing complex scientific applications that require enormous processing power. For example, scientists build models of complex processes and simulate the processes on a supercomput...
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