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Unformatted text preview: ple and easy to use. Several of the complex features of C++ such as pointer and multiple inheritance are not part of Java. Due to this, Java is considered to be a "clean" object-oriented language. Before the innovation of Java, Internet applications were static in nature because they offered visually static pages of information. The advent of Java and its use in Internet applications transformed the static pages into a more dynamic one that allows users to interact with what appears on the screen. Hence, Java brings animation and interactivity to Internet-based applications. The use of Java is not only limited to Internet-based applications. It can also be used to develop anything from spreadsheets to tutorials to interactive games. It can also be used in embedded systems, as in consumer electronics products such as hand-held devices, telephones, and VCRs. Software developed to allow the user to observe and interact with Java programs has been named HotJava. Ada Ada is a multi-purpose language developed for and used primarily by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) for military applications. It was developed in 1980 at Honeywell Computer Company by a group of scientists headed by Ichbiah. It is named in the honor of Lord Byron's daughter Ada Augustha Lovelace. Ada used to work with Charles Babbage and is considered to be the first programmer because she wrote the first computer program for the mechanical computer (Analytical Engine) developed by Charles Babbage in 1842. Ada was standardized by ANSI in 1983. The main objective of the developers of Ada was to design a language with the following features: 1. It should be suitable for writing applications that deal with multiple concurrent processes because this feature is very common in military applications. 2. The language should have good error-handling capability. 3. The language should support the use of data abstraction in program design. 4. It should be possible to write generic procedures that can be easily reused. Ada was designed to have these features in the following manner: 2...
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