3 in large museums or zoos to guide the visitors to

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Unformatted text preview: is located beneatn the base of the computer's screen, which has sensors to measure the monitor's weight at many points. When a user touches the screen, the changing weights and forces transferred down to the sensors allow the device to detect the location of the touch. Note that this type of touch screen monitors may sometimes require the user to apply a little pressure with his/her finger at the point of touch to successfully transmit the desired input to the system. Touch screens are very useful for computer systems that need to have a simple, intuitive interface with the intended users so that the users can use the system without any formal training. Hence they are the most preferred human-computer interface devices used in information kiosks. An information kiosk is an unattended system that is used to store information of public interest and allows common people to access the stored information as per their requirement. For example, information kiosks may be located 1. At an airport or a railway station to provide information to arriving passengers about hotels, restaurants, tourists spots, etc. in the city. 2. In large department stores and supermarkets to provide information to the customers about the locations of the various types of goods being sold, locations of the rest rooms, locations of other attractions in the shopping complex, the items on sale on a particular day and their locations, etc. 3. In large museums or zoos to guide the visitors to the locations of various attractions and facilities as well as cautioning them against things that they are not supposed to do while inside. At all these public places, a system with a touch screen interface is most intuitive and desirable for use by common public. Touch screen interface is also used in automatic teller machines by banks and credit card companies. They are also appropriate for use in environments where dirt or weather conditions would prohibit the use of keyboards and pointing devices. Data Scanning Devices In order to reduce the p...
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