3 they do not deal with the machine level coding

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Unformatted text preview: he evolution of computer languages. In fact, it is this concept of multiple machine instructions from one macro instruction around which today's machine-independent high-level languages are designed. HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGE In the discussion above we saw that both machine and assembly languages have the following limitations: 1. They are machine dependent. A machine language program or an assembly language program cannot be executed on any computer other than the one for which it is written. 2. They require the programmers to have a good knowledge of the internal structure of the computer being used. Hence only people with sound hardware knowledge could become good machine language or assembly language programmers. 3. It is difficult, error prone and time consuming to write programs in machine language or assembly language because they deal with machine-level coding requiring one instruction to be written for each machine-level operation. Due to these limitations, machine and assembly languages are often referred to as low-level languages. High-level programming languages were designed to overcome the above listed limitations of low-level programming languages. That is, high-level languages are characterized by the following features: 1. They are machine independent. That is, a program written in a high-level language can be easily ported and executed on any computer that has the translator software for the high-level language. 2. They do not require the programmers to know anything about the internal structure of the computer on which the high-level language«*programs will be executed. In fact, since high-level languages are machine independent, a programmer writing a program in a high-level language may not even know on which computer will his/her program be executed. This allows the programmers to mainly concentrate on the logic of the problem rather than be concerned with the details of the internal structure of the computer. 3. They do not deal with the machine-level coding. R...
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