31 what is an animation creation software describe

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Unformatted text preview: mputer 3. List out the commonly used media types generally used in modern computer systems and explain how each one helps in information presentation. 4. What is a multimedia computer system? What are it typical characteristics? Do all multimedia systems need to have all these characteristics? 5. You have a printed document of 100 pages. Give two different ways in which this text data can be input to a computer system. 6. Name two output devices that can be used with a computer system to output text information. Give their relative advantages and disadvantages. 7. List some of the desirable features of a word processing software. Give a practical use of each feature. 8. What is meant by "text style"? List some of the text styles that you will like to have in your computer system. Give a practical use of each of them. 9. Explain with three examples how text searching feature can be useful in a computer system. 10. What is a "hypertext?" Explain how it helps in presentation and use of information. 11. What is meant by "text importing" and "text exporting"? Explain how these features help in the creation of a document. 12. Write short notes on: (a) Text editor (b) Hypertext (c) Text style (d) Text searching (e) Multimedia computer systems (f) I/O devices for text processing (g) Text importing and exporting 13. What is computer graphics? Give a few examples to explain its uses in multimedia applications. 14. Explain the difference between "generative graphics" and "cognitive graphics". Give two uses of each. 15. What is a "pixel"? Explain how an image is composed and displayed on a computer screen. 16. An image has a resolution of 1024 x 768 and color depth of 24-b (i.e., 8 bit each for the R, G, and B components). Calculate the storage requirement of this image. 17. Name two input devices for generative graphics applications. Describe a practical use of each. 18. Name two input devices for cognitive graphics applications. Describe a pract...
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