32 what is a graphics software list out some of the

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Unformatted text preview: over modes of text entry in a wordprocessing package. 3. Differentiate between the cut-and-paste and copy-and-paste facilities of a word-processing package. 4. What is a style sheet in a word-processing application? How is it useful? 5. What is a font? What is meant by font size and font style? 6. Differentiate between left- and right-justified text. 7. What is meant by WYSIWYG facility? How is it useful? 8. What is print-preview facility? How is it useful? 9. Differentiate between portrait and landscape modes of printing. 10. What is meant by text, graphics and image importing facility? How is it useful? 11. Explain the search-and-replace facility of a word-processing package. 12. What is a spell checker in a word-processing package? How does it work? 13. What is a grammar checker in a word-processing package? List out some of its typical features found in a modern word-processing package. 14. How does the presence of a thesaurus in a word-processing package help? 15. What is mail-merge facility? How is it useful? 16. What is a clip art library? Describe how it helps in document preparation with a word processor. 17. List out any five features of a word-processing package. Explain how each of these five features is helpful in document preparation. 18. What is meant by word-wrap feature? How is it useful? 19. Give an example of a situation when the global search-and-replace command of a word-processing package will prove useful. 20. What options does a spell checker typically present to the user when it encounters an unidentified word in a document? 21. A spell checker cannot check for the improper use of correctly spelled words. Explain why? 22. What is a spreadsheet package? List out some of its typical uses. 23. Think of an application for which a spreadsheet package is useful. Now draw a sample spreadsheet for 1 application. 24. What is a cell in a spreadsheet? How is a single cell identified? How is a range of cells identified? 25. Differentiate among row range, column range and block range of...
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