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Unformatted text preview: ould be "INCREMENT N BY 1". Useful comments are those which describe the meaning of a group of statements such as "READ. AND ECHO PRINT THE INPUT DATA". In other words, comments should mediate between the program and the problem domain. Almost all high-level languages provide the facility of writing comments along with the source code of a program and it is suggested that programmers should liberally use this facility for proper documentation of their programs. System Manual A good software must be supported with a standard system manual that contains the following information: 1. A statement of the problem clearly defining the objectives of developing the software and its usefulness to various categories of users. 2. A broad description of the software specifying the scope of the problem, the environment in which it functions, its limitations, the form and type of input data to be used, and the form and type of output required. 3. Specific program names along with their description and purpose. 4. Detailed system flow charts and program flow charts cross-referenced to the program listing. 5. Narrative description of the program listings, the processing and calculations performed and the control procedures. 6. A source listing of all the programs together with full details of any modifications made since. 7. Description and specifications of all input and output media required for the operation of various programs. 8. Specimen of all input forms and printed outputs. 9. File layout, that is, the detailed layout of input and output records. 10. The structure and description of test data and test results, storage dumps, trace program printouts, etc., used to debug the programs. User Manual A good software package must be supported with a good user manual to ensure the smooth running of the package. It is the user who will perform the regular processing after the software is released and not the programmer who has developed the package. Hence, the user manual must contain the following information: 1. Set up and operational details of each program...
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