40 is multiprogramming used in a time sharing system

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Unformatted text preview: processing? How are jobs typically executed in a batch processing system? 16. Explain how batch processing mechanism helped in overcoming the main drawback of manual loading mechanism used for processing jobs in early computer systems. 17. Explain how the computer separates one job from another from a batch of jobs for automatic job-to-job transition in a batch processing system. 18. What are control statements? Why are they needed? 19. Do all computers use the same types of JCL statements? Why? 20. You want to compile and execute a FORTRAN program. In plain English, list out the necessary JCL statements you will prepare for this jpb. ., 21. What is the difference between a uniprogramming system and a multiprogramming system? What are their relative advantages and disadvantages? 22. Define multiprogramming. Explain how multiprogramming ensures effective utilization of main memory and CPU. 23. Differentiate between I/O-bound and CPU-bound jobs. 24. List out some of the hardware and software facilities required for a multiprogramming system to work satisfactorily. 25. What is a memory partition? 26. Explain how CPU is switched from one job to another in a multiprogramming system and how is it ensured that a temporarily suspended job will execute correctly when the CPU is given back to it after some time. 27. What is a process control block? Why is it needed? What does it typically contain? 28. What is multitasking? What are the similarities and differences (if any) between multiprogramming and multitasking? 29. What are threads? Differentiate between a single-threaded process and a multi-threaded process. 30. What are the main motivations for using a multithreaded process instead of multiple single-threaded processes for performing some computation activities? •1. Differentiate between multiprogramming and multithreading. >2. What is multiprocessing? Draw the basic organization diagram of a typical multiprocessing system. 33. Differentiate between tightly-coupled and l...
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