46 three numbers denoted by the variables a b and c

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Unformatted text preview: croflowchart and a microflowchart? Illustrate with an example. 23. What are the various guidelines to be followed while drawing a flowchart? 24. Discuss the advantages and limitations of flowcharting. 25. Why is proper documentation of a program necessary? 26. What are program bugs? What is debugging? 27. What is meant by testing a program? How is it done? 28. What are decision tables? When are they preferred to flowcharts? 29. What are the various steps to be followed for constructing a decision table? 30. Draw the basic format of a decision table and discuss the role of each part. 31. What are don't care conditions in decision tables? 32. List out the various advantages and limitations of decision tables. 33. What is a pseudocode? Why is it so called? Give another name for pseudocode. 34. What is a spaghetti code? Why is it so called? What are its major drawbacks? 35. What are the three basic logic structures used in writing structured programs? Discuss the use of each. 36. What is structured programming? What are its main advantages? 37. Give an example to illustrate the use of each of the three basic logic structures used in structun programming. 38. Draw flowcharts for the two different structures used for selection logic. 39. What is the difference between the IF.. .THEN and the IF.. .THEN.. .ELSE structures? 40. Draw flowcharts for the two different structures used for iteration logic. 41. Both DO...WHILE and REPEAT...UNTIL are used for looping. Discuss the difference between the tv structures. 42. If the condition for looping is found to be false when the loop is encountered for the first time, how mai times will the instructions inside the loop be executed in case of (a) DO...WHILE loop (b) REPEAT...UNTIL loop Give reasons for your answer. 43. What is the purpose of ENDIF and ENDDO statements? 44. What is indentation? Why is it used in writing pseudocodes? 45. Discuss the advantages and limitations of pseudocode. 46. Three numbers, denoted by the variables A, B, and C are supplied as input data. Draw a flowchart for t logic to pick and print the largest of the three num...
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