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Unformatted text preview: plications, today more and more examinations are being conducted on-line. A few examples are GRE (Graduate Record Examination which is an aptitude test conducted by the United States of America for those who want to seek admission in American Universities), tests for obtaining certificates as a qualified professional in a certain area (like the tests for becoming Microsoft Certified Professionals in various areas of skill), etc. The beauty of these applications is that the result of the examination (pass/fail and percentage of marks obtained) is declared to the examinee immediately after the examination is over (before the examinee leaves the computer that he/she was using for the examination). This is because the computer dynamically keeps updating the score as the examinee progresses through the examination questions. 4. Applications that allow individuals to learn foreign languages. Use of such applications has been found to be very useful as compared to the use of books because these applications incorporate both text and sound to allow the learner to see words and phrases on the screen as they are pronounced by the computer. The learner als9 has the flexibility to request the computer to pronounce any word displayed on the screen by simply selecting that word (say by clicking over it). Often these applications also have additional features such as if the learner does not understand the meaning of a word or phrase, he/she may point to it to quickly display a translation for it in his/her native language. 5. Applications that allow hard-copy books and other reading material to be made available in soft-copy form on computers. In these applications, the power of computer is effectively utilized for quickly searching for specific facts of interest to a particular reader. Due to this feature, several reference books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries are now being published and made available on CD-ROMs. Many journals, magazines and product manuals are also being publis...
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