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Unformatted text preview: r practically no effort of porting it on different computers. This means that a company changing computers, even to one from a different manufacturer, will not be required to rewrite all the programs that it is currently using. This also means that a commercial software will have a larger market because it need not be restricted to one type of computer. Thus, the time and effort spent on software development gets better rewarded with high-level language programming. 2. Easier to learn and use. High-level languages are easier to learn because they are very similar to the natural languages used by us in our day-to-day life. They are also easier to use because a programmer need not know anything about the internal structure of the computer for programming in a high-level language. 3. Fewer errors. While programming in a high-level language, a programmer need not worry about how and where to store the instructions and data of the program, and need not write machine-level instructions for the steps to be carried out by the computer. This allows the programmer to concentrate more on the logic of the program under development. All these factors lead to fewer programming errors during program development. Furthermore, compilers and interpreters are designed to automatically detect and indicate syntax errors. Hence syntax errors, if any, in the program can be easily located and corrected by the programmer. 4. Lower program preparation cost. Writing programs in high-level languages requires less time and effort, which ultimately leads to lower program preparation cost. Generally, the cost of all phases of program preparation (coding, debugging, testing, etc.) is lower with a high-level language than with an assembly language or with a machine language. Moreover, the returns on the investment made in developing a software are more when the software is developed using a high-level language because this makes the same software usable on many different types of computers. 5. Better documentation. The statements of a program written in a high-level language are very similar to the natural...
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